10 Benefits of SEO in expanding your Business

10 Benefits of SEO in expanding your Business

Search engine optimization, SEO, is a term that is often heard of in the times of Digital Marketing. It is a technique used to draw more and more traffic to your website organically, that is unpaid traffic. Every digital marketing beginner thinking of starting his own website or blog must be familiar with SEO techniques, both on page and off page. Given below is a list of benefits of SEO in digital marketing:

1- SEO increases your website’s rank 

It is always about making your website or blog known and being in the top 10 search results in search engines and driving traffic. Without a good ranking in search engines (esp. Google) there is not a lot that you can do with your website. Through digital marketing and especially SEO, you can move up the ranks and let your website be known to the world.

2- SEO increases searchability 

Whatever website you have- be it e-commerce, business, selling products or a blog- you need traffic and for that your website needs to be easily searchable. Get this work done through SEO. By optimizing your website around certain keywords, it becomes easily searchable on Google and hence gains more exposure.

3- SEO increases website traffic

The above two points are inter-related and go hand in hand when we talk of SEO in digital marketing. It works in a circle. When your website is optimized, it increases the searchability and lowers the rank and hence brings traffic. This cycle continues to work in your favour and increase your earnings by sitting in the comfort of your home.

4- SEO requires no Investment

Since SEO is used to drive traffic to the website organically, there is no monetary investment involved on your part. With just a laptop, internet connection and of course a website, you can get started in no time. With on page techniques like optimizing around keywords and off page techniques like social bookmarking, directory submission(called backlinks) and many others, your website can attain a good amount d traffic.

5- SEO increases your social media followers

Social media is a very crucial part of digital marketing. A strong presence on social media will always make you stand out of the crowd. The number of followers you have on social media is a sign of your accountability and credibility. When the SEO on your website is good, it means the traffic is large and hence more number of users are expected to click on the social media icons present on the website.

6- SEO is target based

Since you use certain keywords to draw traffic, you are attracting only those users who are genuinely interested in your business, which is what digital marketing s all about. When you use keywords that are trending in your line of business will land up on your website. Hence SEO based traffic is targeted and genuine. They want exactly what you are offering.

7- SEO increases sales

If you own an e-commerce website, then SEO helps in increase of sales. When your website and pages in a website are optimized according to the keywords that are being searched the most, then the traffic will increase and hence the sales of your products increases. SEO is especially beneficial in affiliate marketing since there is no monetary investment from your side but the profits can be very high.

8- SEO increases site usability 

SEO in digital marketing also includes altering and improving your website’s structure since features like post categories, page loading time (both on desktop and mobile) decide your website’s score and ranking. So along with quality content, you make sure to make your website user friendly.

9- SEO increases brand awareness

When your website appears in the top search results regarding a certain keyword, users start associating your brand/ website with those keywords and that’s how SEO increases your brand awareness. Now the users know what you offer so next time they will automatically visit your website with their needs. Your brand will become embedded in the user’s mind and hence your brand gains exposure and business expands.

10- SEO helps bypass competition

Two businesses might offer the same services at the same prices but the one with an optimized site will obviously have higher sales. Investing in SEO strategies would give your business an edge over others. More users will come to know of it since in the age of internet digital marketing fails traditional marketing practices. Businesses with strong optimization and social presence benefit more than others.

Sachin Chauhan who owns BeginnersStop.com, is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable websites for over a decade.

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